Librarian Recommended Reads – Maestra by L.S. Hilton

Judith Rashleigh is struggling to make it as an art dealer. She takes a more lucrative job at a hostess bar, and takes an ill-fated trip to the South of France with a client. When things go wrong Judith is on her own, and after drifting with the moneyed ‘in crowd’ decides to cash in on a scam her art dealer boss was running. With an alarming lack of scruples, she sleeps and murders her way through half of Europe to get her way.

I found this an easy read over 2-3 days. Although, I was left unmoved by our cold heroine. Perhaps she will become more human in the next books of this planned trilogy…

Well plotted, with a good twist at the end, erotic, a little arty.

Read by Richard

You can find Maestra by L.S. Hilton here

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Librarian Recommmended Teen Reads: Half Lost by Sally Green



It’s a good book that can give me feels enough to cry and the conclusion to this awesome trilogy had me sobbing, actual. And now it’s completed, you can read the three books without waiting, yay!

White witches hate black witches and Nathan is half white and half black, and – his father is the most feared, violent, and supposedly evil, black witch of all time.

More than just a witch story, this trilogy is kind of like The Hunger Games with a central character who has qualities that opposing sides of a war want to exploit and use to their advantage, and who must ultimately figure out their own position, with complicated romantic and family relationship issues to navigate as well.

In Half Lost The war between the witches is escalating, Nathan’s friendship and reliance on Gabriel is deepening, people are dying, and Nathan’s killing most of them. Conflicted by his loyalty to his father, his love for Gabriel, and wavering between being wounded and being lost, Nathan is hurting more than ever. Prepare yourself for the ending – that is all.

Read by: Raschel

Find Half Lost in our catalogue here


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Librarian Recommended Reads – Five minutes alone by Paul Cleave

You know the saying “give me five minutes alone with that person”.

Usually it means someone wishes harm to another in retribution for a violent act. That is the basis for this novel. Paul Cleave is known for his very graphic writing, doesn’t mince words on any given subject, and this is no different.

Theo Tate and Carl Schroder, two Christchurch detectives, are on the hunt for someone who is meting out revenge for past violent crimes with the intention of satisfying the “five minutes alone” wish of the victims or their families.  However, innocent people are dying. Also a lot of the police force are all in favour of the revenge acts, so it makes it hard for any investigation.

Plenty of twists and turns in this book.

Read by Adrienne

You can find Five minutes alone by Paul Cleave here

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Librarian Recommended YA Reads: Grl2Grl by Julie Anne Peters


This collection of honest and breath-taking short stories by she-who-deserves-much-accolades: Julie Ann Peters, focuses on young women attempting to navigate the complexities of relationships and sexual identity. Be prepared to wish each one was a novel!

Find it in our cataloge here: Grl2Grl by Julie Anne Peters

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Author Event


Join author Jocelyn Robson in the library on

Friday 8th April from 6-7 pm

As she discusses her new book

Radical Reformers and Respectable Rebels

Discover the Gisborne connection!

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HB Williams Memorial Library Easter Hours 2016

Easter Hours 2016

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Reading List: 28 Maori Battalion

Maori Battalion








Those of us with family on the East Coast will more than likely whakapapa to somebody who served with the 28 Maori Battalion.  Here’s a list of books to find out more about the soldiers and history of C Company in World War II.

28th Maori Battalion

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