Librarian Recommended Reads – Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

Natalie Baszile is a new author. In this novel she is telling the story of a young African American woman living in California, who inherits a sugar cane plantation in South Louisiana. Charley arrives in the place her family came from and where most of them still live, to find a run down plantation on the verge of collapse. At the same time her down and out brother also arrives, feeling bitter about not having been included in the inheritance. The story gives a really descriptive look at hard times in the sugar cane business, towns that are now no more than ghost towns as the farmers give up and go broke. This is for real as it is set in the current climate. Also great descriptions of the whole southern Louisiana district, bayous, climate, people, language. Well worth the read.

Read by Adrienne

Click here to find Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

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Librarian Recommended Reads – Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Fire touched

Fire Touched is #9 in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The Fae are still in hiding but the Grey Lords escalate their quiet war against the Humans and Werewolves collectively, when they send a troll out to attack a bridge forcing Mercy and Adam’s pack to respond to the crisis.

Zee and Tad return to the story, along with a human child who was stolen by the Fae a very long time ago and who the Fae want back. Mercy promises to protect the child, forcing the pack into a very dangerous position. Like, even more dangerous than usual.

I love the Mercy Thompson series. If you haven’t read paranormal before, this series is a great one to start with. It has the right blend of believability and charm, backed up by great plots and the awesome-ness that is Mercy.

Read by Raschel

Click here to find Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs


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Save me Kurt Cobain by Jenny Manzer


Nico Caven has never really gotten over the disappearance of her mother when Nico was four. A police investigation turned up nothing, and despite all the mandatory counselling sessions, Nico still longs for resolution and to know more about who her mother was, and why she might have left.

One day Nico discovers a box of her mother’s CDs and inside the cover of a Nirvana album is a polaroid of her mother and Kurt Cobain at a Nirvana convert before they got super famous. It sparks something in Nico and she starts to believe that Kurt Cobain is still alive and her real father. When she sees a man she believes to be Kurt in disguise, Nico crashes into action and recklessly endangers herself, and her heart.

Nico is an off-beat character and her pain manifests in a truly quirky and obsessive way which still feels believable. There are a lot of Nirvana facts which were a little distracting, but also interesting and made me listen to their music again!

Read by: Raschel

Find Save me Kurt Cobain in our catalogue here

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Librarian Recommended Reads – Twister by Jane Woodham

There is a flu epidemic in Dunedin. Then after five days of rain a twister roars through and uncovers the body of a missing teenage girl. DSS Judd is the only person available to take the case. It is all close to home for him as his own daughter Beth has been missing for 9 years. Judd’s wife, Kate, is contemplating a life change and is harbouring a secret some of which has to do with Beth’s disappearance. This takes up quite a bit of the story along with Judd’s investigation and his internal search for what happened to his daughter.

The characters are good, there are many underlying factors to the whole picture. The descriptions of Dunedin are very good, and they should be, as this is the author’s home town.  Well worth a read, this is Jane Woodham’s first novel.

Read by Adrienne

Click here to find Twister by Jane Woodham

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Reader’s Advisory – Latin America

Large Latin

Learn more about the history, language and culture of this part of the world.  Check the reading lists on the library catalogue (printed copies available in the library):

Latin American fiction and Latin American resources

Or, access one of the databases in the elibrary:

World Book Online

World History in Context

Britannica Library

The library also holds a wide selection of travel books and Lonely Planet guides for this region.

BE IN TO WIN a copy of the following titles (courtesy of Potton & Burton publishers):

Latin American pic 4Simply complete our Latin America crossword competition (copies available in the library – all answers can be found in the elibrary resources shown above).

Entries close on 14 May 2016.

Reader’s Advisory by Coralie


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Librarian Recommended Reads – Maestra by L.S. Hilton

Judith Rashleigh is struggling to make it as an art dealer. She takes a more lucrative job at a hostess bar, and takes an ill-fated trip to the South of France with a client. When things go wrong Judith is on her own, and after drifting with the moneyed ‘in crowd’ decides to cash in on a scam her art dealer boss was running. With an alarming lack of scruples, she sleeps and murders her way through half of Europe to get her way.

I found this an easy read over 2-3 days. Although, I was left unmoved by our cold heroine. Perhaps she will become more human in the next books of this planned trilogy…

Well plotted, with a good twist at the end, erotic, a little arty.

Read by Richard

You can find Maestra by L.S. Hilton here

About L.S. Hilton


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Librarian Recommmended Teen Reads: Half Lost by Sally Green



It’s a good book that can give me feels enough to cry and the conclusion to this awesome trilogy had me sobbing, actual. And now it’s completed, you can read the three books without waiting, yay!

White witches hate black witches and Nathan is half white and half black, and – his father is the most feared, violent, and supposedly evil, black witch of all time.

More than just a witch story, this trilogy is kind of like The Hunger Games with a central character who has qualities that opposing sides of a war want to exploit and use to their advantage, and who must ultimately figure out their own position, with complicated romantic and family relationship issues to navigate as well.

In Half Lost The war between the witches is escalating, Nathan’s friendship and reliance on Gabriel is deepening, people are dying, and Nathan’s killing most of them. Conflicted by his loyalty to his father, his love for Gabriel, and wavering between being wounded and being lost, Nathan is hurting more than ever. Prepare yourself for the ending – that is all.

Read by: Raschel

Find Half Lost in our catalogue here


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