Million Minutes

Join the Million Minutes Literacy Challenge
Read and read and read…

How many minutes so far? 864,962- only 135,038 minutes to go!simple fundraisers
What is it?
Whanau and individuals are invited to join other Gisborne people to collectively reach a Million Minutes of Reading.

Gisborne does not have a great literacy record. This is one way everyone can be involved and your every reading minute counts toward the goal of a Million Minutes.

What is in it for you?
Be part of a wonderful group of people of all ages and from all walks of life:

:: Inspire reading in our community
:: Foster a positive attitude toward recreational reading
:: Understand that reading can happen anywhere; home, school, bus, park
:: Parents – a chance to share an activity with your children
:: Expand your vocabulary
:: Open your mind to new ideas
:: Reduce screen time – less TV, computer games
:: Discover new authors
:: Use your library more (of Course)

How do you get involved?
EASY – All you have to do is commit to reading; register at the library and keep a log of your reading minutes – staff will give you a log.

What next?
Staff will add your reading minutes onto your membership record and you can view these anytime on our website – we will show you how.

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