Book of the Week: 27 September – 3 October 2010

Good Fullas

By Marc Ellis

Who’s your ideal kiwi bloke?

Is it the Big Fresh? a fulla of Polynesian descent, usually very large and very hungry, loyal to a fault but requiring a close eye when on the turps. Or the Finkle – an effeminate and fruity homosexual fulla who has no ugly friends and will usually drive two door sports cars because he’s too weak in the wrist to drive larger vehicles. The usual suspects are there – Bogans, Cow Cockies, Scarfies -along with some new varieties – Waoris (white men who want to be Maori), Panda bears (corpulent fullas from the Asian subcontinent), Wodgewicks (thespians and self professed intellectuals) and many more- it’s very, very funny although not for the politically correct or those who are strait laced. Marc includes anecdotes of his encounters with the various fullas which are in equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

Easy to pick up, a good laugh and clever with it – a book that’s just like Marc really.

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