Book of the Week: 13 June – 19 June 2011

Happy Birthday

by Danielle Steel

For April Wyatt, turning 30 is not what she had expected. She isn’t married with a family, but she does at least have a successful career – running one of the best restaurants in New York. She would do anything for her business, so when a respected restaurant critic pays April a visit, she wants to impress . And after a few bottles of her finest wine, they end up in bed together.

April thinks nothing more of it, until she spends the morning of her birthday taking a pregnancy test. On the other side of town, April’s mother Valerie is turning 60, and she can’t quite equate her age with how she feels. Besides, it’s essential that she looks youthful for her career and the empire she has built herself as a media personality and style guru. She’s certainly not old enough to be a grandmother.

It is also sports presenter Jack’s birthday. A popular figure on TV but also a notorious womanizer, he fears his age may finally be catching up with him when he is forced to spend his birthday on heavy painkillers and with a visit to his chiropractor after a rather energetic night spent with a younger woman.

As these three very different people celebrate their birthdays, they worry what their futures may hold. And whether it is grabbing opportunities, making new friends or falling in love, all three of them learn to see life through new eyes..

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