And the Winner is…………

The 2011 winner of the Ngaio Marsh Award has been announced and has gone this year to:

The Bood Men by Paul Cleave

‘Edward Hunter is a family man with a beautiful wife and daughter, a great job, a bright future, and a very dark past. Edward’s father is a man of blood. He’s been in jail for twenty years and he’s never coming out. Edward has struggled his entire life to put that all behind him, but it’s hard, it’s hard when everybody knows you’re the son of a serial killer. Then, a week out from Christmas, Eddie’s world is about to be turned upside down. Suddenly he’s going to need the help of his father, a man he hasn’t seen since he was a boy. Is Edward destined to be just like his father, to become a man of blood?’

What is the Ngaio Marsh Award?

2010 was the debut year of the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel.

The award acknowledges the best crime, mystery, or thriller novel written by a New Zealand citizen or resident, published in New Zealand during the previous year. Decided by a panel of local and international judges, it is named after New Zealand’s most successful crime writer, Dame Ngaio Marsh

Interested in what other books were in the running? You can check them out here:


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