Four Seasons with a Grumpy Goat by Carol Altmann

Carol and Deb decide to leave the rat race and move to a hobby farm in Tasmania.

 They have a Nubian goat named Gretel who thinks she’s a dog, but then changes her mind and decides to be a horse, a menagerie of  ducks (including one with suspected hip        dysplasia), and a house full of bush rats.

 I loved this book it is so delightfully funny, here is a titbit describing the drive home      after purchasing ducks:

 ‘ Within minutes of waving goodbye to Victor, I discovered something about ducks that  I never expected for such a tidy bird –  when distressed, ducks excrete an inky, dark  green  slime  that smells like rotting meat. Forget capsicum spray, carry a bottle of liquid  Pekin poop in your handbag and any potential mugger will be laid flat. Six ducks all pooping slime simultaneously in a confined space was nauseating enough, but when they started to   slap-dance the liquid fertiliser around the crate with their webbed feet, the effect was  suffocating’

Wonderfully written and a joy to read, get lost in the journey as carol and Deb discover how to adapt to life on a Tasmanian hobby farm.

Read and enjoyed by Kerry

Four Seasosn with a Grumpy Goat by Altmann




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