Deon Meyer & the Bennie Griessel series

Born in 1958 Deon Meyer is one of South Africa’s top thriller writers. He writes                    hard-hitting crime fiction, some of which feature retired policeman Bennie Griessel. Some say he has done for Afrikaans crime fiction , what Henning Mankell did with Scandinavian crime writing, which has been to push it mainstream.

Devil’s Peak (1st book in the Benny Griessek series)

Bennie Griessel may be losing his battle with alcohol but he still knows enough to head up the police team tracking ‘Artemis’, a vigilante killer who targets child murderers. The killer is in fact Thobela Mpayipheli, a former freedom fighter robbed of everything by the murder of his son. And when Griessel’s daughter is kidnapped, his world and Thobela’s converge towards a devastating climax. A brilliantly suspenseful novel, and a searing portrait of modern South Africa, in which sometimes only hope and humanity can fight the cruellest crimes.

Thirteen Hours (2nd book in the Benny Griessel series)

Some would call Detective Benny Griessel a legend. Others would call him a drunk.

Either way, he has trodden on too many toes over the years ever to reach the top of the promotion ladder, and now he concentrates on staying sober and mentoring the new generation of crime fighters – mixed race, Xhosa and Zulu. But when an American backpacker disappears in Cape Town, panicked politicians know who to call: Benny has just thirteen hours to save the girl, save his career, and crack open a conspiracy, which threatens the whole country.

7 Days  (3rd book in the Benny Griessel series)

I’ll shoot one policeman every day, until you arrest the murderer of Hanneke Sloet,” says the e-mail to the South African Police Services. And then the sniper turns threat into reality.

Bennie Griessel has to reopen the Sloet dossier. The case is 40 days old, the trail has gone cold. No motive, no leads, just a set of nude photographs, a very complicated business transaction, and immense pressure from the brass, the media, and the relentless, unfathomable sniper. And through it all, Griessel has to keep his love interest, the alcoholic, former singing sensation Alexa Barnard, sober for her comeback concert, cope with his daughter’s Neanderthal boyfriend, his son’s shenanigans, and his new partner’s idiosyncrasies – and try to tame his own all-consuming lust for the soothing powers of the bottle. Seven days of hell.

The fourth book in the Griessel series ‘Cobra’ is due late July..

Other books written by Deon Meyer include: Blood Safari, Devil’s Peak and Trackers.

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