Find it. Read it. LET IT FREE………

Back in 2012 Literacy Aotearoa released thousands of free books around NZ towns and cities. Why? Well in a hope to encourage a love of reading and of sharing books.

 On the front cover of a ‘2012 Travelling Book’ you will find a sticker stating

‘I am a travelling book, Please pass me on’.

 Inside the cover you will find:

 ‘Congratulations, you’ve found a travelling book.

Take this book with you, read it… and when you’re finished leave it in a safe and dry public place for someone else to find’.

Each book comes with its own personal tracking code, so once you have read your found book, you are encouraged to log onto the website and track where you found it etc. Then comes the feel good part of the whole exercise…….LET IT FREE, for the next person to find.

 Excitement all round!!! As we’ve had the pleasure of a staff member finding one of these ‘Travelling Books’ stashed right here in our library. It’s been tracked and now it’s time to LET IT FREE for the next person to find and read. We have decided to release it back into the environment from which it was found 🙂 .  A small hint this is what it looks like




About HB Williams Memorial Library Staff

The HB Williams Memorial Library includes five community libraries and supports the multi-cultural community of Gisborne and the East Coast of New Zealand.
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