Sean Black – The Ryan Lock series

Desperately waiting for the new Jack Reacher novel, and need something to fill the void? Maybe try one of these novels in the fast-paced punchy Ryan Lock series.

(Ryan Lock 1)


Ryan Lock, an American serving in the Close Protection Unit of the British Military Police, and Ty Johnson, a US Marine, have been friends since Iraq. Now out of uniform, they work in New York at the sharp end of corporate security.

When the leader of a group of animal rights activists is shot dead during a demonstration outside the headquarters of Meditech, the world’s largest pharmaceutical conglomerate, the natural assumption is that the real target is the company’s CEO, a theory strengthened when the young son of one of Meditech’s top scientists is kidnapped.

It is not really Lock’s job to investigate, but his years of training and experience tell him that something big is going down. And as a champion of lost causes with a keen sense of justice, he finds himself involved. And so begins a tense game of cat and mouse as Lock and Ty unveil a shocking conspiracy involving big business, high politics, international terrorists, and the terrifying lengths those in authority will go to find – and test an effective vaccine against the world’s most deadly diseases. As the New Year crowds gather in New York’s Times Square, the Ebola virus is about to be unleashed. It is up to Lock and Ty to save the city.

Reserve ‘Lockdown’ by Sean Black

(Ryan Lock 2)

seanblack deadlock

One Prisoner
One Bodyguard
One Week to Stay Alive

The California State Prison at  Pelican Bay houses three and a half thousand of America’s most dangerous prisoners. Three thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine of them want the remaining inmate dead. Your job is to keep him alive until he testifies…

ONE PRISONER Super-intelligent and brutally violent, Frank ‘Reaper’ Hays is a leading member of America’s most powerful white supremacists prison gang.

ONE BODYGUARD Ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock has been hired to protect him. His mission is to keep Reaper alive for a week until he can be brought to trial.

ONE WEEK TO STAY ALIVE. But Lock soon realises that he faces the toughest assignment of his career – just to survive…

Reserve ‘Deadlock’ by Sean Black

(Ryan Lock 3)


Adult movie actress, Raven Lane, is one of the most lusted after women in America, with millions of fans to prove it. But when a headless corpse turns up in the trunk of her car, she realises that fame carries a terrible price. Fearing for her life, and with the LAPD seemingly unable to protect her, Raven turns to elite bodyguard, Ryan Lock for help.

Lock stops bad things happening to good people, but can he stop the tidal wave of violence now threatening the city of Los Angeles as Raven’s predator targets and kills those closest to her? As events spiral out of control, Lock is drawn into a dangerous world where money rules, where sex is a commodity to be bought and sold, and where no one can be trusted, least of all his beautiful new client.

But what he cannot know is the terrifying price he’s about to pay – just for getting involved…

Reserve ‘Gridlock’ by Sean Black

(Ryan Lock 4)

seanbalc_devials bounty

Convicted of a series of horrific crimes against young women in the up-market California town of Santa Barbara, wealthy playboy Charlie Mendez has fled across the US border into Mexico.

As one bounty hunter after another meets a grisly end at the hands of the murderous drug cartel his family have hired to keep him safe, it seems that Mendez is one fugitive destined to remain beyond the reach of the law. Or at least that’s how it looks until one determined victim persuades high-end security specialist Ryan Lock and his partner, retired Marine Ty Johnson, to take on the case.

Plunged into a nightmare world where no one can be trusted, least of all the authorities, the two men discover a city more deadly than any war zone. Worse still, when an attractive young American tourist is snatched from the streets, it appears that Mendez has returned to his old ways. But in order to stop him before he claims another victim, will Lock and Ty have to pay the Devil’s Bounty?

Reserve ‘The Devil’s Bounty’ by Sean Black

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