Ka Mau Te Wehi – Book of the Week

Ka Mau Te Wehi

as told to Bradford Haami

ka may te wehi

Ngapo and Pimia Wehi, affectionately known as Bub and Nen, have achieved what no other partnership has accomplished in a lifetime of kapa haka – Maori performing arts.

With over a century of combined experience in Maori song and dance, leading teams and teaching, they are recognised as New Zealand’s foremost leaders in this ever-expanding arena, having won six national kapa haka championships, twice as the leaders of The Waihirere Maori Club (1965-1981) and four times with Auckland kapa haka team Te Waka Huia (1981-2011). They have taken their brand of haka to the world performing everywhere from Broadway to Korea and from Fiji to the Taj Mahal. It tells the story of Bub and Nen, a loving dedicated couple who taught a generation of Maori how to live the ideals of whanau (family) and hold fast to their cultural identity through participating in kapa haka, one of the biggest and most popular areas of Maori cultural growth to emerge in the last 30 years.

Ka Mau Te Wehi is a rare insight into Bub and Nen’s private lives and their journey to enhance the Maori culture they so dearly loved. Additionally, it offers a personalised history of contemporary Maori music and performance over more than half a century, surveying the origins of modern kapa haka and the path of its intense growth as a national and international phenomenon. Their story has been written by author Bradford Haami in collaboration with Bub and the Wehi whanau

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