W is for…………

W is for Window, or to be more specific our amazing stained glass window:

Inanahi ki Tenei Whakatipuranga
Yesterdays, Yesteryears and the time in between until Tomorrow

stained glass window

Unveiled in 1993, the window measures 39.5 square metres, completely covering one end of the building. Ninety five percent of the glass is handblown, handmade glass selected in the United States of America by designer Steve Hutton. Maori kaumatua monitored construction, ensuring the window was historically and spiritually correct. The design depicts the passage of time and development of Tairawhiti (Gisborne District) from volcanic origins to present day. Midway through the design is an impression of Te Toka a Taiau, a rock symbolising the boundary that lies between the Ngati Porou and Rongowhakaata tribes. Crystal and shards of gemstones have been incorporated into the window encouraging close inspection.

Postcards of the window are available for purchase.

And that was W, from our A-Z of NZ Book Month


About HB Williams Memorial Library Staff

The HB Williams Memorial Library includes five community libraries and supports the multi-cultural community of Gisborne and the East Coast of New Zealand.
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