A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow

Read recently and enjoyed by Cherrie

a cold day for murder

Kate Shugak, tougher than your average heroine…

Once the star of the Anchorage District Attorney’s investigative staff, Kate held the highest conviction rate in state history. Constantly headhunted by the FBI, her very presence on a witness list was enough to reduce defense lawyers to tears.

But after surviving having her throat cut by a vicious criminal, she resigned from her job and moved into her father’s log cabin, deep in Alaska’s largest national park, in the shadow of the Quilak Mountains. Now boasting a scar that runs from ear to ear, and a half-wolf, half-husky companion named Mutt, Kate is tougher than your average heroine—and she needs to be, to survive the last great wilderness on earth…

An authentic voice, gritty and hard. Have just finished no. 3 in the series, set on an Alaskan crab ship—WOW

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