The Detainee by Peter Liney

I picked this book up today whilst shelving in fiction. I was going to read awhile back when it was released late last year, as it had been described  in a few reviews as ‘ The Hunger Games for Adults’. It also had a slight Mad Max feel to it which I found intriguing.

the detainee

The back jacket reads:

I never thought it would come to this, never in my worst nightmares. No matter how bad things got, how much the government warned us, I still thought we’d be okay. But they don’t take care of you any more. And if you can’t contribute, like me, then you end up out here, on the island, along with the rest of society’s detritus: the old, the poor, the sick, those kids whose parents couldn’t afford them.   We’re all stuck out here on this huge, rotting mound of garbage, scratching out the poorest of existences, at the mercy of the elements, eliminated by punishment satellites if we try to escape. And worse of all, on those nights when the fog locks down and the satellites can’t see, those who rule this place send their screaming hordes over to hunt and terrorise us.

Imagine how that’s makes me feel: me, the ‘Big Guy”, someone who once commanded respect, who feared no one. But I got old. And for old read helpless read unable to stop all these terrible things that have been going on.

This place is Hell, or the closet thing to it I’ve ever known. Leastways, it was, until I discovered the tunnels, and who was living there…….

You can reserve  ‘Detainee’ here



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