Louise Millar (writes psychological thrillers)

Louise Millar was born in Scotland, but currently live in London with her husband and children.  Although she is now know for writing thriller novels, she started her career freelancing in journalism, she has written publications such as Marie Claire, the Independent, and Glamour.

Her debut novel was ‘The Playdate’ and her recently released 2nd novel is called ‘Accidents Happen’


the playdateSingle mother Callie has come to rely heavily on her best friend Suzy. But Callie suspects Suzy’s life isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s time she pulled away – going back to work is just the first step towards rediscovering her old confidence. So why does she keep putting off telling Suzy about her new job? Suzy and Callie live close to each other on a typical cramped, anonymous London street. Neighbours seem to move in, and move on, before you have even learned their names. Callie’s increased sense of alienation leads her to try to befriend a new resident on her street, Debs. But Debs is anxious, odd. You wouldn’t trust her with your child – especially not if you knew anything about her past.


accidentsWhat if the one in a million is you? How many times, when, have you said to yourself “Why me?” Some people seem to have more than their fair share of bad luck, and Kate Parker is one of them. So when Kate and her ten-year-old son Jack move to Oxford to start a new life, Kate is determined that events of the past will not come back to haunt them. Despite the suffocating support she receives from her overbearing in-laws, she starts to feel threatened. Somehow her comfortable family home doesn’t feel quite safe – it’s almost as though someone is watching them. But then a chance meeting with a charming Oxford professor helps to convince her that she can overcome her fears, and that she and Jack can start to live a normal life once again. But just when she feels happier than she’s felt in years, a shocking revelation blows all of their lives apart.

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You can reserve the books by Louise Millar here





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One Response to Louise Millar (writes psychological thrillers)

  1. kindigjerri says:

    Her books look really good. Thrillers are my reads, there are so many great authors out there. I hadn’t heard of Millar yet so it is always good to find new authors. I recommend my current read, it’s by James Larranaga and it’s called In The Company of Wolves, foreverlands.com is the site for his info. Great reads out there I am always looking for and finding them!!!

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