The Free Range Cook: Through the Seasons by Annabel Langbein

The ever popular Annabel is back with a stupendous selection of recipes, and I have to say I really like the sprinkling of garden advice. I very excited about the Black Velvet Cake…..

annabelBook blurb as follows….

In this gorgeous book we follow Annabel throughout an entire year of harvests in her lakeside Wanaka garden as she cooks simple but delicious meals to share with family and friends.

“I wanted to celebrate nature’s growing cycles and the rhythm of a year,” she says. “There’s a real freedom in the idea of ‘cooking the landscape’.” She combines seasonal harvests from her garden with a global pantry of flavours and her trademark Fridge Fixings to create easy dishes that are big on flavour while, with a few indulgent exceptions, light on fat and sugar. Her signature style meshes perfectly with current food trends. Over more than two decades she has earned an international following for her no-fuss recipes, which transform inexpensive seasonal ingredients into “clean” dishes with the wow factor, many of which are naturally vegetarian and/or gluten free.

The book contains more than 200 new recipes – all the dishes from the TV series and many more – as well as dozens of Annabel’s trademark kitchen and garden tips and tricks, plus substitution suggestions that allow the recipes to be made with whatever fruit or vegetables are in season. The luscious food photography, dramatic images of New Zealand scenery, stunning modern design and superb production values make this the perfect gift book for yourself or any lover of good food.

You can reserve ‘The Free Range Cook: Through the Seasons’ by Annabel Langbein here


And whilst on the topic, I just have to add that one of the very first Annabel Langbein cookbooks I purchased was ‘Savour the Pacific’ – a discovery of taste.


If you have yet to discover this gem, then i say do yourself a favour and borrow it from the library. A must bake is the ‘Coconut Passion Cake’ on page 54, its to die for. My sister had a massive version of it baked for her wedding cake, and it’s been a family favourite ever since.

You can reserve ‘Savour the Pacific’ here



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