A.D Garrett – Mystery Fiction

Two authors team up to make up the pseudonym A.D Garrett, they are mystery writer Margaret Murphy and world-renowned forensics expert Professor Dave Barclay, who has worked on some of Britain’s most high-profile murder cases.

These forensic based books, feature Detective Inspector Kate Simms and ForensicProfessor Nick Fennimore. You would enjoy reading this series, if you like other forensic themed books from authors like Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs and Jefferson Bass….

Everyone Lies by A.D Garrett

everyone liesBook Blurb….

Detective Inspector Kate Simms is on the fast track to nowhere. Five years ago she helped a colleague when she shouldn’t have. She’s been clawing her way back from a demotion ever since.

Professor Nick Fennimore is a failed genetics student, chemistry graduate, toxicology specialist and one-time scientific advisor to the National Crime Faculty. He is the best there is, but ever since his wife and daughter disappeared he’s been hiding away in Scotland, working as a forensic lecturer.

In Manchester, drug addicts are turning up dead and Simms’ superior is only too pleased to hand the problem to her. Then a celebrity dies and the media gets interested. Another overdose victim shows up, but this time the woman has been systematically beaten and all identifying features removed. The evidence doesn’t add up, Simms’ superiors seem to be obstructing her investigation, and the one person she can’t afford to associate with is the one man you can help:  Fennimore.

Believe No One by A.D Garrett

believe noone


Book Blurb…

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms is in the United States on sabbatical with St Louis PD. She is working with a ‘method swap’ team, reviewing cold cases, sharing expertise.

Simms came to the US to escape fallout from her previous investigation working with forensic expert Professor Nick Fennimore. However Fennimore also happens to be in the States on a book tour and is engineering his trip to get down to St Louis – the last thing Simms wants . . .

But a call for help from a sheriff’s deputy in Oklahoma distracts the professor: a mother dead, her child gone. Fennimore’s quick mind rapidly gets to work, and gradually draws the conclusion this might not an isolated case. How many other young mothers have been killed, their murders unsolved, their children unaccounted for – and what of Simms’ cold case in St Louis for instance?

In Believe No One , A. D. Garrett delivers a gripping sequel to match Everyone Lies , where the chills race in the heat in America’s mid-West.

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