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Trafficked – My Story by Sophie Hayes

traffickedWhen Sophie Hayes met the mysterious and charming stranger Bledi, she knew he would change her life – but she had no idea how much.

At first, it was a typical whirlwind romance. But one day Bledi told Sophie that love always comes at a price…Bledi tricked Sophie into travelling to Italy, where he forced her into selling her body on the streets to help him pay off a large debt. When she refused, he beat her, stole her passport and locked the doors. Terrified and ashamed, Sophie worked the dangerous Italian streets without rest, seeing as many as 30 clients in a night. She was completely at Bledi’s mercy for food, for clothes and for shelter.

With no money, no friends and no family, she was trapped.But Sophie found the strength to keep going, clinging to life by a single thread of hope –  that somehow she’d find a way to escape.

Reserve Trafficked  – My Story by Spohie Hayes


Born into the Children of God : My Life Born into a Religious Cult and My Struggle for Survival on the Outsideby Natacha Tormey

children of god

Born to French hippy parents attracted to the religious movement by the unusual mix of evangelical Christianity, free love and rejection of the mainstream, from an early age Natacha was brainwashed to believe she had a special destiny – that she was part of an elite children’s army bestowed with superpowers that would one day save the world from the Anti-Christ.

Torn away from their parents, Natacha and her 12 siblings were beaten on a daily basis and forced to sing and dance for entertainment in prisons and malls. Natacha never expected to live to adulthood. At the age of 18 Natacha escaped, but quickly found herself hurtling through a world she had no understanding of. Alone, and grappling to come to terms with an unbelievable sense of betrayal, she was stuck in a kind of limbo – confused and unable to feel part of either way of life. Natacha is one of the lucky ones; not all of her family survived the battle to shed the shame and pain of their past.

All Natacha ever wanted was to feel normal, but escaping the cult was only the beginning. Shocking, moving, but ultimately inspiring, this is Natacha’s full story; it is both a personal tale of trauma and recovery, and an exposé of the secret world of abuse hidden behind commune walls

Reserve Born into the Children of God by Natacha Tormey


Missing by Shelley MacKenney

She bought a ticket on the first bus out of town – and disappeared . . .In her early twenties Shelley had a good job with prospects. But, having to support her nan and family, she got into debt, suffered a breakdown and lost her job, as the world closed in. One day she got on a bus and hours later got off in a strange city with nothing but the clothes on her back. She knew no one, but felt free at last – just before discovering that being lost and alone meant being vulnerable.In the years that followed, Shelley lived anonymously in refuges, hostels and on the streets. She felt trapped by her decision to run and the lengths she was forced to go to in order to keep her identity and location secret.But it was the momentous choice to get in touch with her family which proved to have the deepest consequences . . .Missing is the powerful true story of why one young woman vanished without trace – and what made her choose to come back.

Reserve Missing A True Story


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