Reading Lists: Australian Outback Fiction

Stories set in the red dirt, blazing sun, and peril ridden Australian outback: Jackaroos and Jillaroos who overcome adversity, mystery, and personal hardships, find love and friendship, against a back drop of cattle and horses, snakes and lizards, but always the sun and the dirt and a good story.

Search our catalogue for titles by the following writers:

Alexander, Nicolepic

Booth, Alison

Collins, Courtney

Creed, Therese

Dettman, Joy2

Dutton, Jo

Freeman, Kimberley

Hein, Cathryn

Hill, Loretta3

Jacobs, Anna

Johns, Rachel

Lane, Karly

Magro, Mandy

4McArthur, Fiona

McCallum, Fiona

McDonald, Fleur

McKinley, Tamara

Morrissey, Di

Nash, Charlotte5

Nunn, Judy

O’Reilly, P A

Osborn, Margareta

Palmer, Fiona

Parry, Bronwyn6

Parsons, Tony

Rennie, Anne McCullagh

Scoullar, Jennifer

Stringer, Tricia7

Treasure, Rachael

Wilding, Lynne



About HB Williams Memorial Library Staff

The HB Williams Memorial Library includes five community libraries and supports the multi-cultural community of Gisborne and the East Coast of New Zealand.
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