Librarian Recommended Reads – World Gone By by Dennis LeHane


World Gone By is set in Tampa, Florida in the early 1940’s and is every bit as cool as its cover.

The story focuses on Joe Coughlin, a semi-retired gangster, widower, and father whose efforts to maintain the gangster lifestyle and “their thing”  – but at a distance and with as little collateral damage as possible – slowly begin to disintegrate as he is made aware of a possible hit on his life.

Now he must spin, manipulate, analyse, and investigate the higher bosses and inter-connected gangs if he wants to keep the thing he has taken from so many others.

Shutter Island was also written by LeHane and is one of my favourite movies with its sublime plot twist ending, so I had high expectations for World Gone By. The vast cast of characters can be hard to keep track of at times but overall this is a great read for anyone with a strong stomach who likes a surprise ending.

Read by Raschel

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About the author:DennisLehane-copy1

LeHane writes across a range of genres and has had three of his works made into movies: Gone, Baby, Gone; Mystic River; and Shutter Island and he has also written for popular television series The Wire. He has won several awards for his writing and teaches as well as writing plays and directing.

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