Librarian Recommended Reads – SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki

SuperMutant Magic Academy

Writer/artist: Jillian Tamaki

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Caution: contains offensive language and sexual references

Collection: Graphic Novels – Young Adult Section

SuperMutant Magic Academy follows the super-powered Wendy, Marsha, Cheddar, Frances and friends as they navigate their way through high school and all its dramas. Set in a magical universe where no great foe exists for them to struggle against, they instead struggle with the angst and apathy of adolescence in a way that is both highly hilarious and entirely relatable. Tamaki’s serialisation of scores of single page strip comics coalesce into a dry, witty, mass of teenage ennui and misadventure in clean, black and white artwork that will lead you laugh out loud awkwardly to yourself all the way through.

If you enjoy a crazy mix of immature, cerebral and absurd comedy this comic is for you!

Read by: Abi

Reserve: SuperMutant Magic Academy

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