Librarian Recommmended Teen Reads: Half Lost by Sally Green



It’s a good book that can give me feels enough to cry and the conclusion to this awesome trilogy had me sobbing, actual. And now it’s completed, you can read the three books without waiting, yay!

White witches hate black witches and Nathan is half white and half black, and – his father is the most feared, violent, and supposedly evil, black witch of all time.

More than just a witch story, this trilogy is kind of like The Hunger Games with a central character who has qualities that opposing sides of a war want to exploit and use to their advantage, and who must ultimately figure out their own position, with complicated romantic and family relationship issues to navigate as well.

In Half Lost The war between the witches is escalating, Nathan’s friendship and reliance on Gabriel is deepening, people are dying, and Nathan’s killing most of them. Conflicted by his loyalty to his father, his love for Gabriel, and wavering between being wounded and being lost, Nathan is hurting more than ever. Prepare yourself for the ending – that is all.

Read by: Raschel

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