Recommended Graphic Novels: This one summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki

This one summer

This one summer

Both Rose and Windy’s families spend their summers at Awago beach and the girls are summer friends. Rose is a bit older than Windy, and this summer things are changing for her. Her dad is super embarrassing as usual, but something major is going on with her mum and her parents are fighting all the time until her dad flat out leaves and goes back home. Meanwhile she and Windy are consumed by horror movies, changing bodies, and the dramas of the local teens – especially a girl who might be pregnant and her boyfriend – who Rose kinda likes.

This summer is going to be one that changes everything.


The art in this award winning graphic novel is gorgeous and feels like summer at the beach on the page. Suitable for all ages, This one summer will haunt you like a summer breeze.

Read by: Raschel

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