Recommended YA Reads – The haters by Jesse Andrews


The Haters by Jesse Andrews

Corey and Wes are a couple of dork guys stranded at Jazz Camp for summer where they soon realise 1. the deep mediocrity of their own talents and 2. Jazz Camp is full of douches – apart from Ash – the unattainable and effortlessly cool girl who fits in at Jazz Camp even less than they do.

After an epic jam session together, Ash decides that the only way that their freshly formed band can get proper good is to immediately go on tour. So they bail on Jazz Camp, leave their phones behind, and hit the road.

On the run from the law, and cell phone-less, Corey, Wes, and Ash have some hella fights, some sex, some LOLS, some drugs, some self-discovery, some kind of rock n roll, and some crushing disappointments – not necessarily in that order.

This might be one of those books that people either love or hate, but for me it fell on the hilariously funny side, dick jokes included. It starts off a bit sluggishly, but it’s worth persevering, and hopefully you won’t be a hater and will find it hilarious too.

Read by Raschel

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