Librarian Recommended Teen Reads – Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Finn and Sean are brothers with a dead father and an abandoning mother and a lot of issues. Sean has given up on his dream to take care of Finn, and Finn is the town weirdo; Moonface, Sidetrack, he makes people uncomfortable.

Roza appears in their lives like magic, and like magic, she brings new happiness to the lives of the brothers, but she has issues of her own. When she is kidnapped, Finn is the only witness, but he can’t describe the kidnapper in a way that anyone will understand or believe him, and when everyone else gives up on ever finding her again, he is the one that carries the burden and who refuses to give up.

Reading Bone Gap is like having a drifty daydream. The lyrical prose just kind of creeps up on you and carries you away. It’s magical realism similar to the work of Francesca Lia Block and Gabriel Garcia Marquez – strangely believable fantasy set in real life, with complex and relatable characters with complicated relationships and common struggles.

Read by Raschel

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