Library Use Value Calculator


2 Responses to Library Use Value Calculator

  1. Russell says:

    I think an annual charge per family is fairer then a per book charge,

    Having a fee per book would still discourage reading while choosing to “user-pays” as a family would be a great investment,

    Maybe if I paid more for my family I could take books out for longer or miss out on any late return fees too…

    (That would be a win for my family 😉

    In that way reading a book in the library could still be free for all residents / visitors,


    • Thanks for your suggestion. It is certainly a challenge to conjure up meaningful and fair ways to collect income in a public library environment, which would not prohibit some people from using the library.

      A membership fee is not allowed under the Local government Act 2002 no.84:
      (d) a requirement that, if a public library is provided, the residents of the district must be entitled to free membership.

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